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Here is the digest of most interesting happenings in and around OpenBTS community for a given periods.

mid. February - mid. March, 2012

General news and highlights

New Year - mid. February, 2012

General news and highlights

  • Authentication\Encryption implementation

Source code is available from  https://github.com/zabbal/openbts-p2.8 (authenc branch). Authentication is implemented (much testing is still required though). Protocol for communicating encryption key and related stuff is under review at A3A8A5. Encryption implementation is in progress.

  • GPRS implementation

We implemented Network Service protocol and BSSGP for integration with osmoSGSN and OpenGGSN (for that we use libgb from OpenBSC). We added Uplink and Downlink TBF Establishment and Release of Uplink and Downlink TBF. Now we are finishing separation of GPRS application from main OpenBTS code and full implementation of GPRS Attach procedure. Source code available from  git://github.com/chemeris/openbts-p2.8.git (gprs-work branch).

  • Ubuntu 11.10 build fixed (thanks Robin Coxe)
  • RRLP in OpenBTS 2.8

Curious bug with ephemeris handling discovered (thanks Refik). Another (same?) bug cause phones to fail registration if RRLP request processing takes too long. Both bugs are under investigation.

  • Improved web UI has been proposed

Source code available at  https://github.com/zabbal/openbts-p2.8 (webui branch). This code is far from being complete - it's more an illustration of possibility to use jQuery+SSI instead of .cgi to create eye-candy interface.

  • iPhone 3G fix

Patch to properly handle GPRS suspension request was merged - this helps to workaround iPhone 3G behavior when phone was previously logged on a 3G or to a GSM EDGE and data connection was used.

  • SMS in Freeswitch

Arghyadip Paul is hardworking on SMS support for OpenBTS connected to Freeswitch - core functionality is working.


  • UmTRX hackathon, Moscow (04.02-12.02)

UmTRX is open and inexpensive hardware for OpenBTS currently under developments. The main focus was on testing first hardware revision and adding support to UHD. Information about the hardware will available soon at  http://code.google.com/p/umtrx/ Software sources available via:  https://github.com/chemeris/UHD-Fairwaves

  • Mobile World Congress 2012 (27.02-01.03)

Fairwaves will be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona showcasing their UmTRX hardware for OpenBTS. This will be the first public demonstration of the UmTRX. Contact Alexander Chemeris <alexander.chemeris@…> if you want to meet there and see UmTRX.

  • Google Summer of Code (application opens 27.02)

The idea to apply for GSoC was discussed in ML including description of possible tasks for students. Fairwaves volunteered as backup organization to file application if Range Networks couldn't do it. The GSoC administrator to handle application formalities is yet to be appointed.